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I am a family man, producer, and occasional triathlete - in that order.  I'm constantly managing teams of creative folks and not-so-creative folks.  Among my professional achievements, I have successfully produced feature films, hundreds of commercials, hours of TV content for major networks, as well as created apps for Android and iOS. But wait, there’s more:  I'm happily married, truly enjoy spending time with my son, and recently completed an Ironman 70.3.  Adjectives others have used to describe me include: hardworking, diplomatic, creative, responsible. That… and jackass.  Someone once told me I'm “too social on social media” so if you care to know more about me, check out my social media feeds.  

I am a self-motivated worker who thrives in an environment that relies on my own self-discipline and ability to meet daily and long-term goals.  A natural communicator, I’m comfortable leading and executing initiatives.  My ability to simultaneously be creative and produce comes from a happy, fearless and energetic work ethic. 

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